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The Fire Starter Bracelet is a serious survival tool.  It has everything you need to start a fire, no matter how cold or wet the weather conditions.  You can then use the paracord to lash together a shelter.


The firesteel creates a 5000 degree spark. The center strand of the bracelet has waxed jute tinder that will start a fire even when it is soaking wet.  Check out the article in the November 2013 Alaska Coast Magazine on Smart Survival

The Fire Bug is a cool stainless steel key chain embedded with a high quality firesteel, scraper, mylar signal mirror, waxed jute and an x-acto knife. This should be on your snowmachine, car, 4-wheeler, boat or plane.

The Fire To Go is the ultimate survival tool for the frequent fire starter. Make hundreds of fires with this tool and dry tinder. In wet, nasty conditions just use the waxed jute embedded inside to start a fire.

Alaska Paracord Designs

Wear it. Use it. Survive.

When your adventure goes awry, what you have on you is your survival kit.

What the heck is waxed jute?

This is a type of twine that we soak in parrafin wax to make it waterproof and allows it to catch a spark and continue to burn even in challenging conditions​

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Sizing is important for a good fit.  Measure the wrist it will be worn on around the bony joint to the nearest 1/4 inch with a piece of string.

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Provide 2 colors